(Philology W296) 2007 43'12"

This CD is a research about the “brasilian songs with italian lyrics”, well-known songs in Italy during the ‘70s but nowadays almost forgotten. Songs by artists like Chico Buarque, Toquinho, Vinicius de Moraes, Baden Powell, Tom Jobim which found their way to reach our people’s hearts by the work of Sergio Bardotti, Giorgio Calabrese and other Italian poets. It is dedicated to the memory of Sergio Bardotti. It was recorded first in Natal, Brasil, by Eduardo Taufic and then in Venice, Italy, by Renato Greco

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01 Samba e Amore [Samba e Amor] (C. Buarque, S. Bardotti)
02 Senza Paura [Sem Medo] (Toquinho, V. de Moraes, S. Bardotti)
03 Ritratto in Bianco e Nero [Retrato em Branco e Preto] (A.C. Jobim, C. Buarque, G. Calabrese)
04 Stare Separati [Chega de Saudade] (A.C. Jobim, V. de Moraes, G. Calabrese)
05 Chi Dice Non Da [Canto de Ossanha] (B. Powell, V. de Moraes, G. Calabrese)
06 Conversazione (B. Canfora, A. Amurri)
07 Ragazzo di Ipanema [Garota de Ipanema] (A.C. Jobim, V. de Moraes, G. Calabrese)
08 Samba del Grande Amore [Samba do Grande Amor] (C. Buarque, S. Bardotti)
09 Accendi una Luna nel Cielo [Acende uma Lua no Ceu] (Toquinho, V. de Moraes, S. Bardotti)
10 Far Niente [Bom Tempo] (C. Buarque, S. Bardotti)
11 Samba della Rosa [Samba da Rosa] (Toquinho, V. de Moraes, S. Bardotti)
12 La Canzone di Orfeo [Manha de Carnaval] (L. Bonfa', A. Maria, M. Panzeri)


Elisabetta Prodon - vocals
Flavio Brio - guitar, percussions, vocals
Eduardo Taufic - piano, escaleta, percussions
Renato Greco - guitar, percussions, vocals
Carlinhos Moreno, Ricardo Menezes - guitars
Cirleide Andrade - vocals (on track 11)
Paulo Oliveira - bass (on track 12)


Tracks 02, 05, 07, 09, 11, 12: Eduardo Taufic for Promidia Studio, Natal (RN), Brasil
Tracks 01, 03, 04, 06, 08, 10: Renato Greco for Nossa Alma Canta Studio, Mira (VE), Italia


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Daniella Thompson


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Cover Art

Our CD cover project takes inspiration from the Elenco LPs of the 60's. Here you can see 1963 Vinicius de Moraes and Odette Lara's famous cover, one of our favourites. We created "Samba & Amore" cover trying to respect our idea and the colours, the fonts and the bullets of the Elenco's covers.
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